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A little About ME

A little about me.
I think my Preface from the book “The Pacification of Humanity: Exposing the Ideological Contagions” sums things up pretty well but before read that you should know that I am a Maslovian Psychotherapist and I have spent a lifetime studying human motivation and behavior.  I am intrigued by how humans act and interact but totally fascinated by why we do the things we do.
(From the book)
I think the best way to preface this is book is by telling you a little bit about me.  I am very inquisitive.  I am that person in class who asks the hardest questions and challenges the most renowned experts.  I am the straight guy who will sit down with a group of gay men and lesbian women to talk about their perspectives.  I don’t do these things to challenge the beliefs of others; I do these things to challenge my own beliefs so that I can see things more clearly and understand issues more deeply.
While working in the Baltimore City Public school system I was often the only “white guy” in the building.  I cut my clinical teeth on having open discussions about race with young black kids from difficult neighborhoods.  I conducted therapy groups with drug dealers talking about the real problems created by drug dealing while acknowledging that those enterprises were often the only methods available for them to earn income.


I am the guy who will talk about greed with the rich or speak about entitlement with the poor.  I have talked about liberalism with liberals, the need for laws with libertarians and about true values with conservatives.  Being unafraid has bestowed upon me invaluable insights that could not have been attained any other way.  The truth is out there but we have to work for it. Being open-minded has gifted me with; truth, clarity, insight and enlightenment; gifts that I will treasure until my death.
The Spirit of the Universe allowed me to be born into an open-minded Christian family.  I practiced atheism and then returned the values of my Christian roots.  I’ve practiced mysticism and even what some might call the dark arts.  I have embraced Native American spirituality and seized the power of the Wiccans.  Having faith and confidence in myself has allowed me to appreciate the traditions of Judaism while working in the Jewish Community, to feel the passion of Islam, to embrace the connectedness of Buddhism and the calming simplicity of Taoism.  I have known the heights of Tantra meditation and the universality of the Druids.  I now know the integration of “nothingness with oneness” and the “I-am-ness” of Ashtanga Yoga as a living Jivan Mukta.


I love truth and I cherish clarity even more.  I investigate improbability and inconsistency but still ponder possibility.  I am one of the most “out of the box” thinkers you may ever have contact with.  I avoid criticism when I can, but I embrace critical thinking.  Growing up very poor, I have experienced abuse, loss and despair to depths many people cannot imagine.  I have lived a life beyond my wildest dreams from casual social interactions with the rich and famous to inspirational meditations with rednecks; from combat techniques with lifers in prison to martial arts with Shaolin Monks.


I am a psychotherapist who has spent more than 30 years treating people with all types of emotional disorders.  I have been court certified as an expert in addiction treatment and addiction forensics.  I have testified in Senate Sub-committee hearings as an advocate/lobbyist for addiction treatment.  I have participated in some of the most difficult discussions life can confront a person with and I have had some of the most contentious physical confrontations known to human existence.
I embrace having my perspectives challenged.  I have lived in the inner city and I have lived on several farms.  I have raised a child and even a few farm animals along the way.  I believe that the biggest obstacle in the lives of most human beings is their own limited thinking.  I am grateful for the many great minds throughout history that did not shrink themselves down beneath their capacities but instead stood strong to challenge the world.  I believe the world is a better place because I am here and I believe that it will be a better place if you all show up too!