Emmanuel S. John, MA, MSW, LCSW

addiction: Why they use

Addiction: Why They Use (A handbook for anyone that loves an alcholic or addict) 

The first book ever written as a guide for the family members of the afflicted.  After more than 3 decades working with families of addicts I decided to write down what we've learned.  In the book I answer the questions most often asked by the people that care.  Visit addictioninthefamily.com for more information. 



addiction: Am I Powerless?

Addiction: Am I Powerless (A users guide to the truth)  Is a self assessment tool that can be completed in the privacy of your own home.  Instead of answering a counselor's questions you can answer your own.  No one has to know the answers but you really should.  It may just spare you a lot of unneeded heartache.   addictioninthefamily.com  

The pacification of humanity

The Pacification of Humanity (Exposing the Ideological Contagions) is a deep dive into the ills facing humanity today.  From the elitist propaganda of academia to the political narritives of media.  Learn how social and cultural bullying have pacificed humanity making us ripe for authoritarian control.  Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that are created by understanding not only why we think the way we do, but "how"  we began to think the way do.  Visit thepacificationofhumanity.com