Emmanuel S. John, MA, MSW, LCSW



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Hurt, anger, trust, fear, trauma, stress,,,,, Sometimes life can become more than we can handle on our own.  Objectivity can be difficult in times of discord and disfunction but having someone to help guide you through the fog of confusion can make all the difference.  You can trust in my more than 35 years working with families from all cultural and socio-economic levels.


Individual, Family and Couples Counseling

addiction in the family

Additction can devestate a family, a community and a human heart.  It is one of the few illnesses that affects everyone in the family directly.  Perhaps the only illness that kills people that don't have it.  For this and many more reasons I've taken my 35 years of experience in the field and developed a book for you and for them in "Addiction: Why They Use" and "Addiction: Am I Powerless."  If you have an addiction issue in your family, on any level, you need these books: They will help your family recover. Visit addictioninthefamily.com  

Business and Consulting services

I have been privilaged to be a part of many business turnarounds.  Knowing what motivates people helps but I also have a degree in Human Performance and Training Development. Lets take your business from actual to potential. I currently offer Bias Consulting for media/educational entities as well as consulting for retail, restaurant, factory and the human/social services.  Branding, (Improving customer impression and retention) Secret Shopper Services/Theft Prevention, Staff building and training. (Organizatonal development.) 

custom Corporate and Mental health related training

I love to teach as much as I love to learn.  With 35 years in mental health and a degree in educaitonal design I have a unique skillset to offer.  As the author of 3 books I love the challenge of creating custom trainings to meet your company's needs.  Phone consulations are always free. 423-302-0338